Reversing the Knowledge Gap: Teaching Egyptian Mothers about Oral Rehydration

Reversing the Knowledge Gap-Teaching Egyptian Mothers about Oral Rehydration

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Against The Odds: Making a Difference in Global Health   Dr. Farag Elkamel is dean of the school of communication at Ahram Canadian University, Egypt. He specializes in the use of the mass media to promote health messages. In 1983, he launched a television campaign to promote Oral Rehydration Therapy, a treatment for dehydration. The campaign is considered one of the most successful... Continue Reading →

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دولة مدنية أم حصان طروادة؟

هذا المقال نشر فى كتاب: الدين والديمقراطية فى أوروبا والعالم العربي والذى يمثل أعمال المؤتمر الدولي الذي عقد بنفس الاسم فى الجَامعة اللبنانية الأميركية فى لبنان بتاريخ 29-30 نوفمبر 2012. المقال قدم فى المؤتمر باللغة الانجليزية وتمت الترجة للغة العربية من قبل القائمين على نشر أعمال المؤتمر.

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A Civil State or Troy’s Horse: What Does a “Civil State” Mean to Egyptians?

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepped down after 18 days of massive protests against his autocratic 30-year reign and handed over power to the military, on Friday, 11 February 2011. Vice-President Omar Suleiman said on state TV that the high command of the armed forces had taken over. What followed is discussed in this paper which was presented at the International Conference on “Religion and Democracy in Europe and the Arab World”, Lebanon, 29-30 November 2012.

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The Use of Television Series in Health Education

The use of television series in health education by Farag Elkamel Abstract This paper reviews evidence of the impact which television generally, and drama series in particular, can have on health beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. It describes how a television series, The Family House, was planned in Egypt to disseminate key health messages in an... Continue Reading →

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Farag Elkamel YouTube Channel

Farag Elkamel is a YouTube channel dedicated to featuring media campaigns that have been planned, written, directed and produced by Dr. Farag Elkamel. Numerous evaluation studies indicate that these campaigns have been instrumental in saving a million lives. (All videos have English subtitles.) هذه القناة  مخصصة لعرض الحملات الإعلامية التى قام د. فرج الكامل بتخطيطها... Continue Reading →

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